Prospecting sequence for recruitment agencies

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Jennifer Hudson

Step 1 - Email 1

💡 Subject: 96% successful recruitment!


I look forward to hearing from you!

Like many companies in your sector, are you facing a skills shortage in your {{Name of department}} department? As a result, candidates are over-subscribed and salaries are bid up.

We have a method to help you.

Would you like to learn how it works?

In the worst case, you'll learn a new recruiting technique that you can take from us :)

See you soon

Step 2 - Mail 2

🎯 Objet : Rappel : Comment {{Notre enteprise}} révolutionne les recrutements difficiles ?


I'm following up on my previous e-mail.

I'd like to know how you manage recruitment for {{Name of department}} departments at {{companyName}}?

At {{Our company}}, we help companies find qualified candidates. Lack of skills is leading to wage hikes on the job market.

To cope with this scarcity of candidates, we prefer to use the .... approach.

This has many advantages:

  • {{Avanatages}}

Would you like to learn how recruitment works?

Kind regards,

Step 4 - Postcard 1

Hello {{First name}},

I'm taking the time to write you this card

I'd really like to talk to you about your recruitment

You can make an appointment by scanning the postcard or by calling me directly.

Step 3 - Email 3

🎯 Redirection - IT department recruitment


I have tried to contact you by e-mail and postcard without success.

If you're not in charge of recruitment, could you please direct me to the right person?

I remain convinced that our services will enable you to strengthen your panel of candidates for the most competitive positions.

See you soon

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