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Intelligent direct mail

Intelligent direct mail maximizes our customers' return on investment

The figures speak for themselves

Postcard and e-mail results:

Agree that direct mail has the best ROI of all communication channels
increased their direct mail budget over last year
use software/technology platforms for direct mail

Source : Comperemedia


Easily connect with your prospects

Phydi has been designed to make salespeople's day-to-day work easier.

Automated sequences

Schedule your appointments easily thanks to Phydi's intuitive interface.

Ready-made prospecting templates

Take your marketing to the next level with targeted postcard campaigns.

Simple connection to your tools

Easily organize and track your leads with Phydi's comprehensive management tools.

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Making every connection count

Automated direct mail creates personalized experiences that turn occasional visitors into permanent buyers.

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How it works

Faster mailbox entry

Optimize your direct mail with Phydi. Our automation platform eliminates obstacles, ensuring seamless, real-time engagement. We take care of the complete execution, simplifying your experience without compromising on quality.

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Transforming information into innovation

Track, measure and manage your direct mail performance to optimize your campaigns and forecast results.

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We're here to help you grow your business

Become one of the first to be noticed by your customers.


Phydi customers use direct mail to acquire new customers.


Phydi's customers use direct mail to engage and re-engage customers throughout their journey.


Nearly 40% of companies report an increase of more than 10% in their reactivation pipeline thanks to automated direct mail.


How does direct mail contribute to acquisition, retention and reactivation on my e-commerce site?

Automated direct mail, used by 40% of companies, significantly boosts sales

Why is Phydi right for e-tailers?

Phydi offers postcards with QR codes to redirect customers directly to their shopping cart, but also for retention and loyalty.

Can I personalize my postcards with Phydi?

With Phydi, personalize each card with elements such as dynamic variables, promo codes and your company logo.

Why does the postcard work?

Phydi enables advanced personalization that helps your customers remember your brand, enjoy an exceptional customer experience, return to their shopping cart, ...

How does the integration of physical and digital marketing work with Phydi?

Integration is simple in four steps: import your prospects, choose a template, send a sequence combining physical postcard and e-mail, then watch conversions increase.

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