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Why send a postcard?

With Phydi, your communication takes on remarkable form!

It works like a charm

Postcard mailing results:

Of card reading vs. 20% by e-mail
17 days
Card lifetime vs. 45 seconds per e-mail
More responses than e-mail or digital

Source : compu-mail

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Easily connect with your prospects

Phydi has been designed to make salespeople's day-to-day work easier.

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Automated sequences

Schedule your appointments easily thanks to Phydi's intuitive interface.

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Ready-made prospecting templates

Take your marketing to the next level with targeted postcard campaigns.

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Simple connection to your tools

Easily organize and track your leads with Phydi's comprehensive management tools.

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Acquire more customers and encourage them to buy more often

Send one-off or triggered postcards to your customers and prospects. Convert prospects based on the actions they take on your website.

Why they love Phydi

Read what our satisfied users have to say

Great prospecting tool

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Send postcards

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I love direct mail

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simple to use

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I love direct mail

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How it works

Combating high CPCs, spam and opt-ins

Deliver your message to all your customers - for less than the cost of a click. Be RGPD compliant, postal mailings are opt-in exempt

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Everything your brand needs

Predictable prices

Unlike CPCs, postage rates do not vary according to competition or target audience.


Native integrations enable seamless segmentation, automation and tracking. No cumbersome spreadsheets.


Track the performance of each postcard by customer.


Our AI generates handwriting that mimics handwriting for a real WOW effect

Automatic Campaigns

Make money while you sleep: Just set it and forget it.

Personalized support

Our professionals will develop your strategy and custom designs using proven best practices.

How it works

Quick launch. Fast results. Here's how.

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Target your customers

Target your customers according to their purchases or behavior to achieve your objectives.

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Customize your campaigns

Customize your messages automatically for each customer and upload your visuals.

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Start shipping

One-off campaigns or automatically triggered flows. Customers receive their personalized cards within a week.

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View the actual performance and ROI of each campaign in your real-time dashboard.

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Do I have to sign up to use Phydi?

Phydi is non-binding. You can choose to use it one month and stop the next. You are free to choose the number of campaigns. 

How does the integration of physical and digital marketing work with Phydi?

Integration is simple in four steps: import your prospects, choose a template, send a sequence combining physical postcard and e-mail, then watch conversions increase.

Why write an FAQ when you have a clear, simple, crystal-clear offer?

At Phydi, we're still wondering. Then again, we could be wrong. So join the beta so we can answer all your questions.

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