the 6 best tools for e-merchants

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Jennifer Hudson

Discover an array of innovative tools and solutions that are transforming the experience of online entrepreneurs. WooCommerce, the spearhead of online stores on WordPress. SEMrush, the essential web analytics tool for maximizing online visibility with in-depth audits and optimized marketing campaigns. Phydi revolutionizes prospecting with its"Phygital" method, combining the physicality of postcards with the speed of digital. PriceComparator sets itself apart by tracking competitive prices in real time, while PayPal provides a secure online payment solution. Finally, Hubspot propels marketing automation with an ergonomic and accessible CRM platform.

WooCommerce, the Art of Creating an Online Store


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WooCommerce, a free WordPress extension, offers easy configuration with key features such as design customization, payment and shipping options. Putting products online is simple via the WordPress back office, with automated order management and support for numerous languages and currencies. You can enhance your store with modules such as PayPal and MailChimp. Note that web hosting comes at a cost, but WooCommerce offers a dynamic support forum and comprehensive documentation to help users.

Phydi, the perfect blend of the physical and the digital

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In an ever-changing commercial landscape, the effectiveness of prospecting campaigns is becoming an increasingly complex challenge. The statistics speak for themselves: e-mail open rates down 21%, conversion rates down 26%, and click-through rates down 29% between 2013 and 2023, according to trusted sources such as Litmus, Hubspot and Statista.

It's in this atmosphere of decline that Phydi, a Boulogne-Billancourt-based company, is emerging with an innovative approach: "Phygital". This method, combining the physical impact of postcards with the speed of the digital world, offers a bold yet pragmatic solution for boosting prospecting campaigns.

Phydi software simplifies the complex prospecting process. The rapid import of prospects is followed by a choice from a range of templates created by artificial intelligence, optimized by experts. The resulting sequences intelligently combine the tangible impact of a physical postcard with the flexibility and reach of e-mail.

The benefits of this approach are tangible: a 60% increase in return on investment, an impressive 63% increase in response rates, and a significant 35% increase in appointments. Phydi offers a complete solution, with unique features such as postcard personalization, scan tracking via QRCode, and handwriting simulation.

SEMrush, the Essential Web Analysis Tool

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SEMrush performs in-depth audits, covering security, performance, missing tags and duplicate content. It also allows you to target relevant keywords, compare metrics with competitors, and offers tools for optimizing content and monitoring PR campaigns. The 14-day free trial offers full access, with monthly costs starting at $119.

PriceComparator, the Star of Competitive Pricing


Price comparartor

PriceComparator sets itself apart by offering the possibility of tracking not only real-time prices, but also competitors' pricing history. With customized packages such as SmartPriceextractor and Omnichannel, this interactive and intuitive tool meets specific post-quotation needs.

PayPal, the pillar of secure online payments


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PayPal, renowned for its ease of use, offers a secure online payment solution, facilitating both domestic and international transactions. With benefits such as personalized payment link generation, professional invoicing and a dispute manager, PayPal stands out from the crowd. Transaction fees vary according to the nature of the transaction, offering flexibility appreciated by e-tailers.

Hubspot, the Power of Marketing Automation


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Hubspot, a CRM platform renowned for its user-friendliness, offers a range of modules for organizing, prioritizing, generating leads, attracting attention, converting and analyzing. With packages starting at €41 per month, Hubspot has won over many start-ups and SMEs thanks to its support and user-friendliness.

This selection of tools offers a complete palette for success in the world of e-commerce. Each solution brings added value, and together, these tools form a powerful combination to support your success in the ever-changing digital landscape. Navigate with confidence in this dynamic digital world, equipped with innovative, high-performance solutions.

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