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Jennifer Hudson

Consider the delicious combo of peanut butter and jam. Each stands out individually, but together they create an undeniably special flavor.

Similarly, direct mail and e-mail marketing each have their own significant strengths, but when combined, their impact can be truly transformative for your e-commerce business. Direct mail has a reputation among e-commerce specialists for being time-consuming, difficult to measure and expensive.

However, Phydi has reinvented direct mail for e-tailers, making it easier for brands to acquire a new marketing channel.

With Phydi, creating a direct mail campaign can be as easy as creating a new feed in Klaviyo, or launching a Facebook post. Thanks to the solution's integrations, you can even use the customer lists and segments you already have in Klaviyo for your direct mail campaigns.

In this article, we'll tackle the four biggest myths of direct mail marketing head-on, and share how direct mail can be as easy to execute as your e-mail marketing campaigns in Klaviyo.

Direct mail is time-consuming

Phydi isn't a complicated solution to implement. On the contrary, it's a way of upscaling and amplifying what's already working in your e-commerce marketing strategy, enabling you to reach more of your target audience and increase your conversion rates.

Launching your own direct mail campaigns in Phydi is as intuitive as setting up a campaign in Klaviyo. There's no need to go that far, just save your team bandwidth and rely on the Phydi expertise included in the Pro and Enterprise packs.

And Phydi integrates directly with all e-commerce tools on the market. The lists and segments you've created in these tools can be seamlessly synchronized with Phydi, creating a consistent, streamlined marketing strategy. And with our simple integration, Phydi becomes a natural extension to your e-commerce business.

Direct mail is difficult to measure

Measuring the impact of your marketing campaigns can be tricky in almost any channel. While we can't solve every marketing attribution problem, we can take the guesswork out of your direct mail campaigns.

Phydi customers have a dashboard where statistics are reported in real time - no waiting, no extra work.

Depending on the campaign, we can use different methods to track statistics, including promotion codes, QR codes, and more. Each customer engagement is tracked in Phydi for 60 days, providing valuable information on the long-term impact on your direct mail usage.

The learning curve is too steep for my team

Direct mail is an excellent gas pedal for your marketing activities. In other words, direct mail, when combined with e-mail marketing, enhances your various channels.

You can make the learning curve virtually zero if you're on Phydi's Pro plan (or higher), because our concierge team takes care of everything. This includes configuration, segmentation and design services to enhance your direct mail campaigns.

For example, if you already have all your marketing lists and segments configured, we can feed your databases. We can also reach customers who miss or ignore your e-mails, by cross-checking with postcard mailings. No spam filters to bypass, no digital noise to drown them out. It's your message, delivered directly into your customer's hands.

Direct mail is not as effective as paid ads

Remember the days when you could get clicks on Facebook for pennies? Unfortunately, those days are gone.

The cost of online advertising continues to rise, and can skyrocket during periods of strong marketing attraction.

Postcard campaigns, on the other hand, can cost less than a click on an ad. More importantly, they're immune to many factors that hinder ads and emails, from privacy laws and platform-specific privacy policies (iOS changes) to spam filters and simple unsubscribes.

Direct mail gives brands the opportunity to reach prospects and customers they can't reach via email or online ads - because of digital ad fatigue, things getting stuck in filters or they're not active on social networks. The real value of direct mail campaigns lies in unlocking a powerful channel that is additional to, and not necessarily competitive with, other channels.

Whether you're sending abandoned cart campaigns, urgent reminders about limited-quantity products, or launching campaigns to retain loyalty program members, Phydi makes it easy. Other integrations Phydi offers include Klaviyo, Shopify, Repeat, LoyaltyLion, Recharge, and more.

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