5 postcard templates for prospecting

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Jennifer Hudson

Focus on benefits

Dear {{First name}},

I hope this postcard finds you in good health.

We've recently launched some new services that could greatly benefit {{Company}}.

Would it be possible to discuss how we could work together to maximize your results?

Beautiful day,

{{Your Name}}

Sector focus

Hello {{First name}},

We've noticed that your company stands out in {{sector}}.

At {{Your Company}}, we specialize in {{your area of expertise}}.

We'd like to explore how we can work together to strengthen your initiatives and reach new heights.

We look forward to hearing from you,

{Your Name}}

Focus on problems

Hi {{First name}},

Let's hope this postcard brightens your day!

We're curious to know how {{Company}} approaches {{a specific problem}}.

Could you envisage an informal exchange to discuss some of the innovative solutions we have developed?

Best regards

{{Your Name}}

Focus on social proof

Dear {{First name}},

On this beautiful day, we're thinking about the growth of {{Entreprise}}.

We have a proven track record with similar companies.

Can we arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you reach new heights?

Best regards,

{{Your Name}}

Emotional focus

Hello {{First name}},

This quick postcard to underline the admiration we have for {{Entreprise}}.

We think our expertise in [your field] could be a brilliant complement to your efforts.

Would it be possible to chat more over a cup of coffee?

Kind regards,

{{Your Name}}

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