5 tips to quickly create a direct mail campaign

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Jennifer Hudson

Direct mail is a powerful channel, but many marketers don't exploit it because of the time it takes to create direct mail campaigns. Not so with today's technology. Even if you don't use automated direct mail, built a bit like a "set it and forget it" e-mail nutrient flow, you can still quickly create an effective direct mail campaign!

In this article, we cover some tips you can use to quickly set up a new direct mail campaign and generate more conversions and results this summer.

Reusing digital campaigns‍

Leverage existing marketing campaigns and reuse them for direct mail. Had a fantastic social media ad that generated sales? Repurpose it into a postcard and target a similar audience. Just be sure to update tracking methods, such as UTMs, promo codes, or even adding QR codes to accurately measure the performance of the direct mail piece.

Reuse again

‍Let's say you ran a direct mail campaign but didn't get optimal results. Launch it again, but try a new format. Make your mail more official by testing a letter format, or get your message across quickly with a postcard design, or get more space with a self-wrapper. There are so many options, and you'll never know which direct mail format your audience prefers if you don't test!

Using AI

‍Doyou have a campaign that's experiencing declining performance but is a mainstay of your mail marketing mix? Run an A/B test to see what's driving engagement and response. But you don't have to spend all your time understanding your variations. You can use AI tools here to help you write text, calls-to-action or headlines for A/B testing. Or maybe try AI image generation tools to see how your customers react to new images on your mailings.

Using a template

‍Weoffer our customers an excellent library of templates in case they don't have the design resources for this marketing channel, but know they need to get started with direct mail. Use templates as a starting point for your design, and insert your own messages, logos and contact details. It's easier to make changes along the way rather than looking at a blank document and wondering how to get started.

What do your customers want from direct mail marketing campaigns?

‍Beforeyou create your next direct mail campaign, take the time to discover what consumers value in this marketing channel with our study on consumer trends in direct mail in 2024.

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