5 alternatives to the Manuscry tool

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Jennifer Hudson

In this article, you'll find software alternatives to Manuscry for direct mail. Consumers confirm this trend, sharing direct mail enthusiastically (80%) and reacting proactively to campaigns (64%). Personalization (68%) and attractive offers (65%) are key elements that encourage recipients to take action.

Faced with this growing demand, marketers are increasing their direct mail budgets (58% in 2023), not least to stand out in the digital tumult and meet cost inflation in other channels. In short, direct mail is evolving at the heart of an integrated marketing strategy, where efficiency, personalization and adaptation to consumer expectations shape memorable campaigns. Find out what your customers want from direct mail, and harness these insights in your next campaigns by downloading the State of Direct Mail 2024 consumer insights report.


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Phydi enables users to easily increase their sales and conversion rates by sending hand-written postcards. Phydi's software is easy to use and enables users to send handwritten postcards in just a few clicks. Its key competitive advantages are its attractive pricing and the ease with which you can send a postcard in just a few clicks. Phydi also features an API to trigger automatic card sending from your CRM or online store.


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PostGrid Print & Mail simplifies the automation of letter, postcard and check mailing. This platform makes sending postal mail as easy as sending e-mail. Companies can save thousands of hours each year by eliminating manual tasks, stay audit-compliant with mail tracking, and automate their workflows by integrating the Print & Mail API.


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Postalytics enables companies to distinguish themselves by sending personalized messages directly to their audience, creating a more lasting impression than simple e-mails. Users benefit from complete visibility of the delivery status of each mailing, whether it's been delivered, forwarded or returned.

By configuring workflows via HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier, companies can automatically send postcards or letters to recipients who don't respond to e-mails. What's more, an unlimited number of lists can be imported from a variety of sources, including events, trade shows and conferences, as well as data providers and partners.


Lob logo

LOB Direct Mail is a software platform that enables marketing teams to integrate direct mail into their omnichannel campaigns, covering the entire customer lifecycle. Features include automatic triggers, activity dashboards, reporting and analysis, billing, customizable templates and delivery tracking.

This solution is available as a cloud or on-premise deployment, and is accompanied by support resources such as e-mail customer service, FAQs/forums, a knowledge base, telephone support and online chat.


handwrite logo

Handwrite.io is a software solution enabling companies to increase customer acquisition and loyalty by providing personalized, memorable handwritten cards on a large scale. Simply add your recipients or connect to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), select stationery from the many options available (or upload your own), and type your message using one of the many handwriting styles available.

Robotic technology writes each card with a real pen, adding an authentic human touch. This approach eliminates digital noise and achieves an impressive 99% engagement rate with handwritten cards.

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